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Save Time & Money

Not having to learn a whole new platform on top of your already busy schedule is priceless.

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One Simple Phone Call

Could lead to you realizing your dream of having your own website + online course

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Save The World

You are here to do big things, get going with your dreams so you can help others and reap the rewards!

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Are your looking to start your online wellness business?

Have you been thinking that you really want to make an online course about all your knowledge about fill in the blank ______?

Maybe it's pilates or personal training

Maybe you love to meditate and want to share this with others 

Or maybe you are a life coach who knows going online can help you reach so many more people!

Did I mention the ability to make more money consistently!?

As the world gets more and more digital you and your business need to adapt.

That is why Rachel and Well & Calm Studios offer a Done - For - You website + course build.

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Michele Burkholder

Rachel has an undeniable passion for health and wellness which I have personally seen grow in her over the past few years. She leads by example through not only maintaining her own physical and mental wellness but striving to be better every single day.

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Ryan Pinnick

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rachel on numerous occasions and every time Rachel has been very professional, forward thinking as well as bringing joy to the team. Rachel is one of those rare people who will excel at everything she puts her mind to and will be an asset to anyone who works with her.

Get on Rachel's Calendar Today

This is a free consultation for those looking to start a website + course. If you just want to see what can be possible with your own wellness website + course you need to call me!

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Zayne Tan Ze Chuan

Rachel's positive outlook and energy are very infectious and it is always nice to be around with someone like her! With her passion in the health and wellness sector, I truly believe that she can make a positive impact in improving other people's lives

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Carla Shohet

I had met Rachel before and I knew she is a wellness coach however, it was at her seminar that I learned just how much knowledge and experience she has to give, because she embodies her teachings.

You are unique, you run a business that keeps people well. 

Don't lose your sanity trying to build all the techy bits. 

Do what you do best and help people, while Rachel helps you!

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Quick Turnaround

Do you have everything ready for your course but just can't get it out there alone? Well & Calm Studios works with you at your pace.

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Work With A Real Person

Rachel is a coach herself and runs an online course in wellness. She builds websites + courses because she loves design and helping others help others.

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Sleek & Functional

Nothing worse than getting your website back from the designer and hating it. Rachel created this page herself so if you want something similar look no further.

Call Me Now

Prefer to email me?

Is a call just too much commitment right now?

Are you worried what you might say or just don't feel ready?

Are you super busy but want to make sure you take action before you forget or my calendar fills up?

Click below to email me, less commitment but I only work with people I have actually spoken to so keep that in mind!

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Who is Rachel Harington?

Glad you ask! 

I am an international speaker, trainer and coach. 

My clients are just like you, working 1-1 helping others improve their lives and want to add online courses and start the 1-many model in their businesses

I left a corporate media career in studio television (NBCUniversal, BBC, Warner Bros.) to set up Well & Calm Studios to guide people who seek a more balanced lifestyle

We give back to the wellness community by donating 10% of all proceeds made by Well & Calm Studios to charities that make a difference in mental and physical wellness

I build websites + courses for entrepreneurs because I find it fun and I am good at it. I also love it when I have a satisfied customer who gets to smash a launch of their own with their tailor made site!

I've been there, trying to build a wellness business all by myself, only when I found others to trust did my business start to shine ✨

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Gary Vaynerchuk

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Chef Rob

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Russell Brand

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