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5 Ways To Start
Your Online Business


Get access to this 60 min LIVE training here.



5 Ways To Start Your
Online Business

Get access to this 60 min LIVE training here.




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Develop confidence in online sales and achieve your goals.



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5 Ways To Start
Your Online Business

Peel back the curtain on ways you can start making an income online. 

From Rachel:

To me, your success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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Working with Rachel has been an absolute pleasure! She is very communicative, flexible, and goal orientated. I love that she was always available whenever I had a question or needed a quick call to talk through some stuff. She is very good at what she does and does it with lots of passion.

-Maggie Gelin
How To Sing from A to Z
Course & Online Program

We would probably still be half selling an online course that we weren't quite sure about selling. Working with Rachel has made a big difference in our confidence. Rachel in combination with a kick up the backside from Covid. What have we got to lose? We just gotta get out there. Stop over-thinking it, just get out there. You have a great product. You are good at what you do. Just do it and Rachel tells us that.
You have to have someone who has your back and knows what this is about. That is where Rachel has been completely indispensable. 

-Dr. Jo Watkins
The HOW People
Membership & Online Programs

You can never have too many experts in your corner. Rachel is exactly that from a digital perspective. To promote growth and give us the confidence we are going in the right direction.

-Polly Crook
The HOW People
Membership & Online Programs

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5 Ways To Start
Your Online Business 


About Rachel Harington:

After working on both British and American television production, Rachel left corporate America to pursue running her own studio.

Well & Calm Studios was founded to help entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and leaders take their expertise online, so that their message can reach around the world.

Established in 2019 Well & Calm Studios has helped course, program, and membership creators reach their customers and sell online. Clients have a business they design, enabling them to increase their income and pursue their dreams.

International Speaker and Trainer, Rachel has her Masters in Communication & Media as well as being a certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Fitness Instructor, and Online Business Mentor.

Marathon runner and triathlete, Rachel combines mind, body, and spirit techniques to intuitively align her clients to achieve their goals in business and life.

You deserve to be well and calm.

Why You Need to Be an Intuitive Entrepreneur

Tired of feeling like everyone one out there on the internet is trying to be your 'bro' and push something on you? Desperate not to be like that but can't find a mentor to help you develop your intuition alongside your business?

Check out Well & Calm Studios e-book on why you need to be an intuitive entrepreneur. 

The world has changed. Now is your time to put some soul back in selling.